It's not The Great Resignation... it's The Great Career Switch

by Robbie Moore

Managing Director at Huddle



Undeniably, the past few years have seen a seismic shift in the job market. As we all begin to embrace a post-pandemic life, people are definitely re-evaluating their career options. And it’s more than just asking “do I want to work from home or work in the office?” People are starting to really question what drives them? What is their passion? What makes them truly happy?

A recent Randstad Report claims that 33% of the working population in Australia would rather be unemployed than stay in an unhappy job. When we talk to our clients, more and more we’re hearing from people searching for their ‘dream job’ rather than a job that simply pays the required salary.

In the last 12 months articles about ‘The Great Resignation’ have littered the headlines. Figures suggest that a whopping 69 million people quit their jobs in America in 2021. By all reports that figure is not slowing down and we are starting to see similar trends take hold in Australia in 2022. Businesses continue to watch as employees explore their options and chase different dreams.

But here’s the catch. Looking over the fence at a new career is completely different to actually jumping off the fence into a new career. Making a career switch can be a positive and rewarding move. And for those under 30, changing jobs, changing organisations, or even changing industries is easier… it’s even expected. But for people over 40 it’s a far more daunting and difficult task.  

Mid-career may be the time when you reassess your priorities but it’s also a time when you have the most commitments. Or, in other words, mid-career is a time when you have the most to lose. Mortgage payments, school fees, car repayments and general cost of living all continue to rise. The responsibilities of life stacked up against the desire for greater job satisfaction is a heavy burden.  

But you don’t have to let the burden become a roadblock. You just have to get the right help and the right resources to make sure the career switch leads to career success. Of course there are multiple steps you need to take to change careers but here are the three absolute must-do’s before you do anything else;

1. Make sure you talk about it with your loved ones and significant others. You need the support of those around you, especially when times get tough. Your loved one needs to be on board and cheering you on.

2. Make sure you really look at your budget and expenses. Especially if you’re trying to get that side-hustle off the ground. But even if you’re simply changing industries it’s going to be a while to get things going and money will get tight.

3. Make sure you speak with a career consultant. Truly understanding what drives you and why you are dissatisfied in the current role is a critical step. You will need a fresh voice to open your eyes to fresh ideas and avoid jumping from one bad role into another bad role.

The trick is to make sure that when you do decide to switch careers it’s done in a logical and considered way. Walking into the boss’s office in a moment of passion (or frustration) may scratch an immediate itch but it’s probably not going to get you the long-term happiness you want.

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

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